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Queer Pressure: An Evolution

Best season’s gift – Rainbow Ball Weekend moving to Mount Desert Island High School for this April (27-29) and April 2019.  The vision is to have the weekend move to another high school for two years after that and so on. Imagine the message high school students receive that is okay to be gay, straight, lesbian, trans, bi, ace, pan, agender, gender fluid, or whatever sexuality or gender label is preferred AND that this marginalized self is celebrated and valued in a school setting. Talk about queer pressure for schools to get on board! 😉  If you want to help us build this vision please consider donating.

I can be myself and be with the person I love without being scared.

If your financial situation allows we hope you will consider helping us sustain Rainbow Ball Weekend for the future. Every donation makes a difference, regardless of size, and will be gratefully received.  You can make a donation to Mt. Desert Island High School (designated for Rainbow Ball Weekend), 1081 Eagle Lake Rd, Bar Harbor, Me 04609. This donation is fully tax-deductible.  You can also give online at this link to Faithify, a free crowdfunding platform (or copy and paste to your browser  goo.gl/ZNFroh).  If you are unable to donate, please consider spreading the word to anyone you feel would be interested in helping.

Happy Holidays & Thanks for Your Support!



Safety Dance

“It means a home that’s accepting that I don’t have and a weekend to have friends that won’t look at me differently. It means staying alive.”

2017 student attendee

The word safe means different things to different people. For minority folks, feeling safe is also a type of freedom – freedom of expression – freedom to be who you are without fear of physical abuse, emotional torment, and/or public shaming-humiliation-shunning. I’ve had my paws on over a thousand feedback comments for 10 years from Rainbow Ball Weekend attendees and the number one descriptor to the prompt “What Does the Rainbow Ball Mean to You?” is: safe. Next up in popular descriptors is: free. On the one hand all of us at UMM are over the moon that we consistently delivered this safe and freeing weekend. On the other hand, it is striking how much work is left to be done so that minority youth feel safe and free every day in every space they occupy. Thus, as my students say, I’m hit with “all the feels” – simultaneous joy and sorrow and rage and love, etc., ugh.

So steering this trainwreck of tumultuous emotions toward the happy happy joy joy dance station – we have a safe space to host the 11th Annual Rainbow Ball Weekend Village April 27-29, 2018 at Mount Desert Island High School near Bar Harbor and with a theme of “OUT with Alexander Hamilton”!!!!!! There is a dedicated crew working away to sustain the Rainbow Ball Weekend, please msg if you want to volunteer.

Image designed by Michaela Girard (RBW Photographer)

It’s sad to say goodbye to hosting the RBW and to recent graduates who helped so much the last 3-4 years of Rainbow Ball – AB, HH, CR, & DG.  But I’m stoked with our returning members of the 100% Society and that we will be continuing to help out at MDIHS next year! We were thrilled that our tiny campus made the Campus Pride top 30 LGBT-friendly college index – AGAIN and RBW helped us get there!

While we prepared for the last Ball, we were deeply saddened by the news of the deaths of two former attendees: Charles Maze Knowles, youth and Mitzi Lichtman, chaperone.  Please keep their memories and their family and friends in your hearts.

This last Rainbow Ball Weekend at UMM was phenomenal with over 200 guests staying the whole weekend thanks to generous fundraising from folks like Danni and all the youth pitching in.  Here’s a quick recap:  St. Aiden’s comfy; food outstanding (MMHS Culinary, Annie’s Everything Nice, Sodexo); DJ Enile8 and the dance spectacular; the workshops engaging; Geo’s keynote sublime; the Talent Show and Drag Queens superlative (with the fabulous Chanel & Hurricane Bertha from the early years!!); the donated Harmonious Hearts book compelling; the counselors and chaperones lovingly dedicated; and the Ballers righteous.

Take the spirit of safety, freedom, family, and love that infuses the Rainbow Ball Weekend with you into your mundane lives and hold each other close.  Along your journey think about channeling this love into advocacy if you aren’t already doing so. Consider the Safe Group of Outright Portland, Voice of Maine Women, Disability Rights Maine, Maine Transnet, Maine Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Coalition, Equality Maine LGBTQIA Rights,  Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine, HEAL Support for those HIV+ and those with Substance Use Disorders, Operation Breaking Stereotypes, immigration etc Mano en Mano | Hand in Hand and so many more!

Rest in Peace

“As a member of SAFE Group–Portland Outright’s team of LGBTQ+, gender-nonconforming and allied youth organizers inside Long Creek Youth Development Center–Maze was a powerful, thoughtful, and fearless leader. He embodied a quiet power that came from seeing people’s whole truth, an unflinching commitment to loving each other boldly no matter what, and naming clearly a vision of safety and justice big enough for all of us. He made people feel welcome and so invited each of us to invest in each other’s safety, well-being, and resilience. Even on bad days he was a beacon. We honor his vision, his life, and love him with the same fierceness he inspired in all of us.”

“May everyone live a long, loving, and healthy life. It’s been great knowing, loving, playing, laughing, crying, singing, working, lobbying, advocating, and protesting with all of you. We all came together in different ways at different times and we made a difference in each other’s life and the world around us. Keep living and doing and making the world a better place. Be the best you can be.  Carry on without me but do remember my strong spirit and open heart.

Mitzi Joy Lichtman 2017 from SAGE Newsletter





































Raising a Rainbow Village!

Oh Mylanta! What a BEAUTIFUL AMAZING CRAZY weekend! 🙂  It takes a Campus and so many other volunteers and donors to raise a Rainbow Village!  Huge thanks all around and also Happy Pride month!

Representative comments on what the HS youth had to say:
Prompt: What does Rainbow Ball Weekend mean to you:
“A weekend to be me where I don’t have to hide or be afraid of who I am. Rainbow Ball is the entire reason I came out.”
“It’s a place I can be myself and I don’t have to hide. I feel so free I could cry. I’m very sad that it’s my last year.”
“Rainbow Ball this year was something new to me. This year I have come out as gender queer, and I have to be closeted at home. I felt safe and being called THEY made my heart flutter. I feel empowered and amazing. Thank you!”
“The Rainbow ball means freedom to me. At home I can’t be myself, I can’t wear my suit, I can’t see my girlfriend…here I can.”
“The Rainbow Ball is my sanctuary, I feel so at peace and at home here with everyone.”

For fun – by the Numbers: 246 T-Shirts (3 designs: youth, counselors, staff), 234 prom attendees, 231 Total non UMM Guests for the Weekend, 201 Youth Guests (& school staff, some parents, and counselors -153 attended in 2015); a couple hundred of preferred pronoun and other LGBTQ+ pins made by two high school groups; 55 straight hours this weekend with students for some teachers; 44 (12 brand new) Unique Workshops/ Presentations/ Support Groups/ Activities; 25 donated copies of Transformation of an American Family autographed by Nicole & Wayne Maines; 24 performances at the Talent Showcase,19 Schools and youth organizations, 16 UMM Alumni/former student volunteers, 15 table representatives from various organizations; 12 trips to Hannaford’s, 8 counselors who were previous attendees, 5 meals, 5 cakes, 4 games at Prom, 3 buses, 2 fabulous drag queens, 2 UMPI Alumni, 1 UMPI Faculty, 1 EMCC Faculty, 1 Feedback Session,  and 1 herd of dinosaurs: bisexual brontosaurus, lesbian leopluridon, flaming homosaurus, asexual archeopteryx, gay gallimimus, pansexual pantydraco, questioning quasetosaurus, transgender pterodactyl, and ally allosaurus.

Mark your calendars! We are busy planning the unconventional  Machias Rainbow Con this October 14 & 15 as a partial fundraiser – after expenses.

Rainbow Ball Weekend Photo Backdrop

Rainbow Ball Weekend Photo Backdrop

June Prides n’ Brides

N’ Graduations! All the Beauty and Love warding off pain, loneliness, rejection, depression and fear. We hope it lasts forever with the truth and self-confidence that lifts us outside of us, above us into a rainbow community wrapped in summer sunshine.  Two young women, one who has attended Rainbow Ball four years, are getting married this week. Rainbow tassel graduates everywhere. Congratulations and Best Wishes to all.  Mount Desert Island High School served up a warm fuzzy of a Rainbow Festival including Bar Harbor’s fabulous ImprovAcadia. Maine has two Pride events left and we’re going to celebrate – Pride Portland! and Bangor Pride.  June.

We had an epic Rainbow Ball and are going ahead and planning our next one though it will require serious fundraising.  How can we not continue when there are so many written comments similar to these? Go ahead and wrap yourself up in this sunshine.

“For the first time in my life I felt accepted and like it was okay that I love who I love, and made me feel the happiest I have in years because I’m not stuck living in a ‘closet’ like I am at home.”

“Because you get to meet so many nice, sweet, and welcoming people and it often helps people gain confidence, I know I have. It’s only my second year coming and I’ve been fully willing to meet and talk with people.”

 “Rainbow ball is important because it teaches a lot especially that you’re not alone you’re not the only one. You make long lasting friendships.”

 “I think I would share the fact that a person can learn a lot about themselves at this event. You might learn about your identity, sexuality, other people’s experiences, and maybe even new interest like book making.”

 “I would tell people that Rainbow Ball is a place to learn and have fun, like how schools should be.”

 “It honestly saves lives. And not everyone knows that.”

 “Education is power, and with all of the education you can get about LGBTQ, you can have so much power and voice.”

 “I would tell them that everyone is very nice and respectful with names and pronouns.”

 “That it is a great place to make lots of amazing friends and that the people and stories here are relatable and eye opening.”

 “I had a great time. I would tell them that there are great people and that there is so many opportunities to learn and have fun and that you won’t want to leave.”

“I would just tell people that this is an awesome program for people in general. Whether you’re questioning, coming out, need info or need reassurance that you are not alone!”

“Its good to be surrounded by people that won’t judge you no matter who you are.”

“It’s so empowering to meet people who have been through the same things as you and are just like you.”

“Rainbow ball is important because it teaches a lot especially that you’re not alone you’re not the only one. You make long lasting friendships.”


Make out your checks to “Rainbow Ball Fundraising” and mail to:

100% Society, University of Maine at Machias, 116 O’Brien Avenue, Machias, ME 04654

Image from the 2014 Grammy Awards

Springtime and Rainbow Ball Weekend Full Speed Ahead!

The 8th Annual Rainbow Ball Weekend is right around the corner – April 10-12, 2015. We have amazing speakers, presenters, and activities! Our keynote is being given by Jenn Burleton founder of Oregon’s TransActive Gender Center. We’re so lucky to have her!  She’s going to be in Bar Harbor during the week giving a series of workshops on Transgender Health and Well-Being: A Community Conversation. Jenn is also joined in a powerful line up with Wayne Maines and Peter Rees & Lin Gould for Rainbow Ball Community Workshops (not too late to sign up!) on Friday April 10th and CEU’s are available for educators and human service providers which is sponsored by UMM’s Psychology & Community Studies Program.

The dance is going to be truly epic including some homemade carnival games with a series of beautiful carousel unicorns one of the 100% Society members has created for the photo backdrops. What an amazing opportunity for community engagement, developing leadership and communication skills, as well as event planning for the students running the weekend. We’re seeing old friends and new ones traveling to campus. The number of high school youth involved in planning activities is way up! In fact, attendance is up too with folks representing 25 different educational institutions around Maine, from Kennebunk to Caribou -that is a distance of 327 miles!

And of course! The most important reason for the weekend.  100% Society members in 2002 desired a way to support local, isolated, rural, poor LGBT high school students.  While there are lots of resources and networking opportunities available for those living near cities, our rural LGBTQ youth and their allies don’t have that kind of support.  Many of our members over the years did not have that support, one recently described the weekend as “magic”.  Attending this supportive event and not being in the minority is indeed powerful. One of our counselors who brought LGBTQA youth for six years described a number of these youth confiding after the fact that attending the Rainbow Ball had saved their lives.

Josh Becker, aka, Chanel Honeywell who has been hosting the Friday night talent show since 2009 has started a gofundme for Rainbow Ball Weekend. The cost of bringing youth to UMM for the weekend is $5000 and food costs for 140 for 6 meals is over $3000. We have had a generous donation of the $5000. We’ve kept everything free for the weekend to make sure as many LGBTQA youth who want to come can.  Any amount will help us – $20 sends two youth to the dance, $60 sponsors a youth for the whole weekend. Thanks in advance for any support you can give.


Rainbow PumpkinsIt’s the time of year when the final harvests are coming in and people are getting together for the holidays.  The rainbow pumpkin image was staged and taken by Heather, our new workstudy student for Rainbow Ball Weekend.  Here’s why she’s invested:

I first heard about Rainbow Ball when I was a senior in high school. I was part of their GSDA (Gay Straight Diversity Alliance) and we were all going to go. I really wanted to go, but my mom wouldn’t let me. I didn’t know that the 100% society from University of Maine at Machias helped with it. I had applied to this school earlier in the year. I decided on going and when I got here I realized that I would be able to go to Rainbow Ball and not only attend, but help with it. I was beyond excited. Rainbow Ball is one of my favorite events of the year. It brings me so much happiness to have a place that I can say that I fit in.

A local community group in our area planted an amazing crop of energy around starting more GSTAs in our county.  I was able to attend their truly inspirational meeting recently and found out there are two new seedling clubs starting and the established high school Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) will help nurture them!

We also discussed the importance of having the T for Transgender in the high school GSA clubs.  Schools really seem to stumble over using the word transgender in the title and the idea of gender variant people.  We must be inclusive in our communities.  We know that having GSTAs in schools makes all students safer.  In Maine, in addition to hearing negative comments from other students, 31% regularly heard school staff make negative remarks about someone’s gender expression and 16% regularly heard staff make homophobic remarks. As one of the students at the meeting said, “we have to educate people”, clearly that must include educators – current and future.

We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving such as 33 states with legal same-sex marriage & 7 more states where the marriage ban has been overturned and are in appeals court.  The State Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Maines family over a school which did not allow their daughter to access the girl’s restroom is precedent setting and a long, hard-fought victory this year that is something we can all be thankful for. If you would like to watch a recent panel on transgender student support that includes Wayne Maines, please click here.

We’re so thankful for all who are working to improve support and acceptance for LGBTQ youth in our communities. We have to turn the corner on the ignorance, fear, and hate that created the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance. Educate around the Thanksgiving table if you have the chance and may yours be happy! “We are the change we have been waiting for.” Mark your calendars – Rainbow Ball Weekend – April 10-12 2015, Carnival Theme!

Who Will Hear? A Poem for You!

Dr. Crittenden led the successful poetry workshop at the Rainbow Ball Weekend in April.  He wrote an example poem to share with the students who participated and with his permission, I have copied it below.  More? Yes, please: Owl Who Laughs The dates for the 8th Annual Rainbow Ball Weekend are April 10-12, 2015. We’ve already started planning!  Hope you’re excited too!

Who Will Hear? by Chris Crittenden

i want to be heard by you

more than anyone

but it seems you are less likely to hear me

than anyone,

and that is part of my shout

as i write this.

but i do know one thing:

someone will hear this poem–someone will.

i’m not sure who or where

but i am not the only one

who has felt the brick wall

of a shoulder turning away;

who has felt the iron gate

of family or community, locking shut.

some people close their thoughts

within layers of fear

to keep who i am from getting in.

this poem is me daring to speak.

this poem is my courage,

singing out in a world that

is often ugly in the ways it perceives.

as i write these words,

i realize there is one person

who needs to hear them

more than anyone else–and that is me.

i deserve to embrace my own voice

and my own right to shout out

and to sing and laugh–

to be proud of who i am.

it does not matter

if this poem earns someone else’s high grade.

just by writing down what I feel, what I think–

that makes this poem special,

and it reminds me that I am special,

and through all the emotions

and all experiences that i will have throughout my life;

and all the joys and hopes; the loves

and sweet memories; and also the

frustrations and fears, and

the walls of ears that just won’t hear me,

through all this,

throughout everything,

i am beautiful —

just the way i am.