A weekend of fun and educational activities for LGBTTTQQIAA HS youth hosted by students at a small university in Maine

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Queer Pressure: An Evolution

Best season’s gift – Rainbow Ball Weekend moving to Mount Desert Island High School for this April (27-29) and April 2019.  The vision is to have the weekend move to another high school for two years after that and so on. Imagine the message high school students receive that is okay to be gay, straight, lesbian, trans, bi, ace, pan, agender, gender fluid, or whatever sexuality or gender label is preferred AND that this marginalized self is celebrated and valued in a school setting. Talk about queer pressure for schools to get on board! 😉  If you want to help us build this vision please consider donating.

I can be myself and be with the person I love without being scared.

If your financial situation allows we hope you will consider helping us sustain Rainbow Ball Weekend for the future. Every donation makes a difference, regardless of size, and will be gratefully received.  You can make a donation to Mt. Desert Island High School (designated for Rainbow Ball Weekend), 1081 Eagle Lake Rd, Bar Harbor, Me 04609. This donation is fully tax-deductible.  You can also give online at this link to Faithify, a free crowdfunding platform (or copy and paste to your browser  goo.gl/ZNFroh).  If you are unable to donate, please consider spreading the word to anyone you feel would be interested in helping.

Happy Holidays & Thanks for Your Support!



Raising a Rainbow Village!

Oh Mylanta! What a BEAUTIFUL AMAZING CRAZY weekend! 🙂  It takes a Campus and so many other volunteers and donors to raise a Rainbow Village!  Huge thanks all around and also Happy Pride month!

Representative comments on what the HS youth had to say:
Prompt: What does Rainbow Ball Weekend mean to you:
“A weekend to be me where I don’t have to hide or be afraid of who I am. Rainbow Ball is the entire reason I came out.”
“It’s a place I can be myself and I don’t have to hide. I feel so free I could cry. I’m very sad that it’s my last year.”
“Rainbow Ball this year was something new to me. This year I have come out as gender queer, and I have to be closeted at home. I felt safe and being called THEY made my heart flutter. I feel empowered and amazing. Thank you!”
“The Rainbow ball means freedom to me. At home I can’t be myself, I can’t wear my suit, I can’t see my girlfriend…here I can.”
“The Rainbow Ball is my sanctuary, I feel so at peace and at home here with everyone.”

For fun – by the Numbers: 246 T-Shirts (3 designs: youth, counselors, staff), 234 prom attendees, 231 Total non UMM Guests for the Weekend, 201 Youth Guests (& school staff, some parents, and counselors -153 attended in 2015); a couple hundred of preferred pronoun and other LGBTQ+ pins made by two high school groups; 55 straight hours this weekend with students for some teachers; 44 (12 brand new) Unique Workshops/ Presentations/ Support Groups/ Activities; 25 donated copies of Transformation of an American Family autographed by Nicole & Wayne Maines; 24 performances at the Talent Showcase,19 Schools and youth organizations, 16 UMM Alumni/former student volunteers, 15 table representatives from various organizations; 12 trips to Hannaford’s, 8 counselors who were previous attendees, 5 meals, 5 cakes, 4 games at Prom, 3 buses, 2 fabulous drag queens, 2 UMPI Alumni, 1 UMPI Faculty, 1 EMCC Faculty, 1 Feedback Session,  and 1 herd of dinosaurs: bisexual brontosaurus, lesbian leopluridon, flaming homosaurus, asexual archeopteryx, gay gallimimus, pansexual pantydraco, questioning quasetosaurus, transgender pterodactyl, and ally allosaurus.

Mark your calendars! We are busy planning the unconventional  Machias Rainbow Con this October 14 & 15 as a partial fundraiser – after expenses.

Rainbow Ball Weekend Photo Backdrop

Rainbow Ball Weekend Photo Backdrop